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ENG Projects Axis GmbH provides comprehensive services and engineering solutions to Water and Waste Water Treatment plants, OEMs who are serving this market and some other basic industries (where the similar equipments and solutions will be required) like food, chemical and mineral industries in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ENG Projects Axis GmbH with their partners/principles who has the highest technological knowhow gives ideas, studies and cost-effective system solutions for the served industries.

Since ENG Projects Axis Dep. started its activity in 2008, many supplies and orders were awarded, thanks to our experienced staff and the good relations to end users, contractors and OEMs, as our engineers / staff have been in the market of KSA more than 15 years.

Power Generation

  • Diesel Generators
  • Power House
  • Automatic Transfer Switch ( ATS )
  • Synchronizing Panels


  • Submersible Wet / Dry
  • Centrifugal
  • progressive cavity
  • Chemical Dosing and their controllers
  • (ORP, Conductivity and PH Controllers)


  • Mixer for “SMBS” Tank , CIP” Tank ,NaAlO2
  • Flash Mixer.
  • Flocculation Mixer.
  • Water and Waste Water mixers.

Our Portfolio

Customers & References in KSA:

Recent Deals and Projects

Our Team has fully finished lots of deals around the world, see bellow our most recent successful projects.

Powder Handling Systems

  • Big Bag discharge Station
  • Mild Steel Supporting Frame
  • Fabricated truncated hopper
  • Motor Vibrator
  • Electrical Lifting Hoist
  • Length Phase Pneumatic Conveying System
  • Buffer hopper with body venting
  • Rotary Airlock valve with outlet drop box
  • Control Command cubicle with PLC
  • Conveying Diverter
  • Big Bag Discharge Dedusting Station
  • Bag Filter with Pneumatic unclogging
  • Supporting frame
  • Rotary valve
  • Outlet drop box
  • Blower with acoustic exclosure
  • Receiving silo dedusting filter
  • Terminal receiving box DN 500


  • Screw conveyor 150/4000
  • Bin motor vibrators OLI, 0,5 kw, 3600 rpm
  • Vibrating bin aerator (6 per silo)
  • Rotary valve (blowing seal) DN 250
  • Air Blower ROBOX or DELTA blower (37 kw)
  • Silo level indicators (HL/LL)
  • Pneumatic slide gate (DN 150)

Soda Fly Ash

  • Bag unloading (splitting) machine:
  • Screw conveyor 150/1000
  • Bucket elevator:
  • Screw conveyor 150/4500 (under the silo)
  • Bucket elevator
  • Loss-in- Weigh feeder including:
  • 304 L SS screw feeder with 150 l hopper
  • Highly accurate weighing plate
  • MINISMART controller
  • Control command cubicle including a PLC

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